Three Year Old Birthday Fun

Is there any birthday more fun to celebrate than that of a little kid?  We had so mucimg_6588h fun watching our granddaughter turn a big three years old. Family and two other youngsters rounded out the party. Little fuss and frills, but super fun. Sheer joy on her face as she bounced on the little borrowed bouncy house. “Look, Grandma! Watch me jump high!”

Listening to her little “ooh” as she peaked into each wrapped gift was so adorable. She loved each item and was not overwhelmed by stacks of gifts. Animg_6605d who doesn’t want their own special Bundt cake for dessert?  Grandpa Dan even managed to sit in a tiny chair to eat with her. It was a perfect time for everyone to catch up. img_6593We even managed to have four generations present. Now how cool is that!  In attendance was Little sister D at 2 months old and our great-grandma V at 87!  The rest of img_6591us ranged from the 30’s to 60’s. How blessed we are to be able to still see one another and for great – grandma to see so many generations of her family. Family is so special and we look forward to more family gatherings.

When you turn three you get a big girl haircut complete with bangs! Our little baby girl is so grown up now. Where does the time go?  Looking forward to many more parties and adventures with these little angels girls.

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