Gardening Successes


Yes! It bloomed after last year’s plant surgery to saw the plant in two pieces. I kid you not, the plant was so root-bound that I couldn’t get it apart. There was almost no dirt left!  I tried a shovel to break it apart. I tried prying it apart. At last I took it to my son’s house and he sawed it in half. Success! I was left with two halves that I was pretty certain would die of shock. But given the winter to  be dormant, they enjoyed the rains we had and eventually seemed

Orchid cactus

to come to life. Both halves are blooming and doing well. I should not have doubted my skills with plants.

I also managed to save this orchid cactus. It will be blooming soon with beautiful bright red flowers. The wind blew it over earlier this year and not knowing what to do, I just stuck the broken pieces back into the soil and walla! It’s a giant plant now! The red blooms should be ready to break-through any day now.

My red mandevilla plants are vining and showing bright red flowers as well. Even my Christmas cacti are still blooming. They began in October and are still going strong. So I guess I can say I am a gardener after all! Now if I can remember to water everything as summer approaches. LOL

A Green Thumb

dsc00892I’ve heard retirement is a good time to take up gardening. Supposedly you have time to try nurturing the hobby. So, I asked myself, “Do I have a green thumb”? “Can I grow just about anything”? “Do I enjoy gardening, tending the soil, fertilizing the land etc”? I answered, “No”!  I do however, enjoy looking a beautiful plants that will grow despite my efforts. Thankfully, plumeria and Christmas cactus will grow with absolutely nothing other than the occasional sprinkling.

As I was walking by the bay the other day, I came across a most unusual sight. Growing up inside of a street handicapped sign was a giant weed or grass. Look what sprouted out of the top! Now I couldn’t make that grow if I tried!  That sign had to be 10 feet high! Maybe there is something to not needing a green thumb to be a successful grower…Perhaps I will be encouraged to plant this spring. Keep you posted.