At last, the American dream of “retirement” has happened for Dan and Katie! The boys are grown, have great jobs and extraordinary wives. We’ve been blessed with two grandchildren so far and we see them frequently.

Dan officially retires in December of 2016, while Katie had the opportunity to retire in 2009. Figuring out a rhythm and routine that works for each of us should be an ongoing adventure in itself.   We selected a few main areas of interest to us either jointly or separately to share with you – our family and friends. The blog is like as a daily journal of this and that, so be prepared for wandering minds!

One of the best parts of blogging is that you can keep up with life here in California. We’d love to hear your comments and responses along the way. Family is important to us and we want to include our time with the grand kids too. We refer to the oldest granddaughter as “C” and the newest addition as “D.” These two little sisters are a delight! Now that we are retired, we have time to spend taking them places, reading stories together, or sitting around playing with play dough. Yes, it’s true, Dan sat and played with the blue play dough and rolling pin with C the other day – at the kid size table no less!

We will also share with you many of the travels we’ve taken since 2009 when Katie retired. We’ve made it to 6 of the 7 continents and hope to get to Antarctica  one day to complete the world!

So,  what do we do when there is no alarm to tell us when and where to be? Join us as we figure out how to relax, stay healthy, and see the world. Be sure to hit the FOLLOW button at the top of the page and join in our fun. Author and publisher William Feather, summed it up for us, “One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” So, let the adventure begin!

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