Prince Christian Sound

Now this is a sunrise that was worth getting up for! Can you just imagine standing on the deck and being a part of sailing in this amazing fjord?  We were so excited, that we scurried to get dressed and head out for the deck.  Haha,  we barely made it outside when we had to dash back to put warmer clothes on!  Oh, was it cold and windy, but worth every minute shivering!

We stayed out on deck for a couple of hours watching enormous whales breach, icebergs float by, and dozens of areas where ice was cutting through mountains reaching for the sea.  The seas had 8-10 foot swells making the natural beauty remind you of how harsh the environment really was. Prince Christian Sound (named after the Danish Prince) is between Iceland and Greenland and took us most of a day to navigate as we headed toward Nanortalik, Greenland.  Check out these photos.

So very cold
Sunrise in the Sound.

These massive ice flows are indescribable. It seemed like you could reach out and touch them.

Just a little berg to avoid.

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