After the Storm

We have had a stormy winter season and it has left us with some strange sights. As I walked alondsc00868g the bay the other day, the ground was littered with broken branches and many fallen eucalyptus frawns. These are all things I expected to see after a windy rain storm. Then I noticed a bunch of tumbleweeds. Yes, tumbleweeds along the shoreline! I have never seen such a thing in my 40 years here in San Diego. Don’t you think it is odd for a dry land object to¬†dsc00866be floating in saltwater? It was just gently floating along in the current.

I’m not sure these gulls know what to make of the big floating blob cruising along their home turf.

A beached or yet to be launched tumbleweed.

Morning Walk


Mission Bay

I’m retired. I get to sleep in. But my Fitbit says I need 10,000 steps today, so I had better get up and get moving! Hope you have better luck getting up and moving in the morning!

I met some other retired friends from the teaching field and we took off for a nice 3 mile walk along the bay. I was stunned by the beauty that was ahead of me. The bay seemed like pure glass and the cloud cover created the perfect lighting to create a mirror image of the shoreline. I just had to stop a snap a shot. God’s glory is all around, but this just really hit me in the face as sheer perfection.

Thanks for the great walk!