Grandpa Babysits?

When your grown children call and ask you to watch the grandchildren,  you jump at the chance and say, “Well, of course!”  Perhaps you are more seasoned at watching two kids at a time than we are, but at first it seemed a bit daunting.

Turned out to be a great evening for Grandpa. He really dug in and started his new retired life with energy and enthusiasm. First job, re-learn how to play Candy Land. “C” had just learned the game, but was eager to teach Grandpa how to move the Gingerbread Man. The conversation went something like this, “Now Grandpa, see first you get a card and see the color. Then you move your man, just like this!” Not bad for a 3 year old!! Of course, grandpa had to carefully watch just how many green squares she moved through! It was great fun to be in the other room and over hear and watch this precious interaction.

As the evening went on Dan settled in to watch TV. Ha! Not without a kid. Grandpa and little “D”  got comfy and watch football. Good times had by all!

Dan also had the privilege of reading the bedtime story (Jungle Book) and helping with bedtime routines. The girls were asleep by 7:15 and Grandpa was snoring by 7:45. Babysitting can be so grueling!  What a blessing to live right down the street so we can share in these sweet moments. Grandma Katie waited up for mama and papa to arrive at 9:30. Retirement is grand 🙂

Giving to God

The Christmas celebration is behind us and yet it is just the beginning of God’s redemptive plan for us. It is truly a time of celebration and reflection on His greatness.  I want to challenge myself to intentionally set aside time to be in His Presence and give back by serving in a new way.

His glorious creation

Giving God my time is important and yet I often find myself getting so caught up in daily life that I put off spending time with Him. You know, things like laundry, errands, phone calls, computer time, busyness with grand kids and even some church related activities. But these are not spending time in His holy presence, listening for His voice, soaking in His peace, hearing His commands or simply meditating on what it means to be His child. I need to do more than give Him Sunday and my mid-week Bible study.  It’s time to prioritize my life so that He is number one in all that I think and do.

God has given each of us talents and riches beyond our wildest dreams. In humility I need to go before others to serve using the gifts I’ve been blessed with. I must begin to ask myself some questions like, how can I give back to my community?  Where or who in my community can I offer a helping hand?  I hear God asking me to use my teaching ability to help others. But how? I’ve retired from classroom teaching. Perhaps I will look into a literacy program and see if I can help second-language adults learn to read. I’ll keep you posted.

Let 2017 be the year you and I share His love with someone in need. Let us put God first in ALL we do.  Let that be our New Year’s Resolution.

After the Storm

We have had a stormy winter season and it has left us with some strange sights. As I walked alondsc00868g the bay the other day, the ground was littered with broken branches and many fallen eucalyptus frawns. These are all things I expected to see after a windy rain storm. Then I noticed a bunch of tumbleweeds. Yes, tumbleweeds along the shoreline! I have never seen such a thing in my 40 years here in San Diego. Don’t you think it is odd for a dry land object to dsc00866be floating in saltwater? It was just gently floating along in the current.

I’m not sure these gulls know what to make of the big floating blob cruising along their home turf.

A beached or yet to be launched tumbleweed.

Retirement: It’s Official!

Dan is officially retired! The business is sold. So why doesn’t it feel any different? That’s because he’s STILL working!! Despite the retirement party with family (He wanted no part of a big party), apparently there are still projects, loose ends, etc. he wants to see through. Hmmmm. Those of you who know Dan are simply chuckling. Of course he retired, his body just hasn’t caught up with his head decision to retire! Got a love a man with a great work ethic!

Seriously, after finishing up a few loose ends he is free to take on whatever he likes at whatever pace he likes. Lots of time for golf, hiking, volunteering, time with grand kids, travel, home improvement projects, and hopefully a few personally crafted blog entries. I know he wants to dabble in selling a bit of real estate, but mostly Ifullsizerender2 think he wants the ability to decide if it would be a good day to go play golf!

Congratulations Dan! Let’s see what new adventures 2017 has for you.  Your family loves you bunches. Happy New Year and Happy Retirement!