ROME- Day 1

Tiber River
Tiber River

Pizza and Gelato

We started our long-awaited vacation in Rome  and managed to walk a mere 18, 798 steps, on our first ½ day. The plane landed before noon and rooms weren’t ready until 1 p.m., so off we hiked to explore around the Vatican. Right away it became apparent that I would not be the navigator as I managed to take the four us on the “long and scenic” route around the outside perimeter of the Vatican! Well, it got our circulation going after the 12-hour plane flight! We found our first gelato stop and made it back to the hotel in time to shower and rest before rome-pizzaheading out to find dinner. Pizza along the Tiber River was a great way to end our first Italian experience.

Italy – Ready, Set, Go!


To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, Dan and I took off on a tour of Italy via a Trafalgar bus tour. Usually we like to cruise, so this was a departure from our usual mode of travel. Every two days we packed up and moved locations. It was far from a “relaxed” vacation, but it was WONDERFUL! According to my trusty Fitbit we walked 82 miles over a 12- day period. We drove 1, 183 miles and experienced, heat, drizzle, rain, cold, and humidity. Oh yeah, and a few mosquito bites along the Tiber river! A couple from our church joined us as they were also celebrating a milestone event, and had always wanted to see Italy. So the four of us, and 44 new “friends” hopped on a tour bus with fabulous Italian guide named Gianmarco.

This is the first in a series of posts that will take you on our journey through Italy just as we saw it. We will spare you the thousands of pictures we took, and include a couple of favorites. We hope this series will inspire you to embark on your own adventure. Being retired is wonderful!