Reykjavik, Iceland

Next stop, Iceland! A little fact about Iceland is that it is Europe’s northernmost nation and Reykjavik is the northernmost capital city.  It has active volcanoes, hot thermal springs, waterfalls, and geysers.  Here Dan and I split up for the day. He wanted to go to what is called the Blue Lagoon. It is a world-famous hot spring. I had no desire to be in a swimsuit in 45 degree weather no matter how warm those hot spring were. He loved it and said that it didn’t smell too much like rotten eggs.

Isn’t this just gorgeous?  It is so hard to come up with words to describe this part of the world.  Cold and idyllic?  Serene and mystical?  You just have to go and see for yourself.

Since Dan was headed for the lagoon, I took a tour that took me to some amazing waterfalls. The challenge was that it was so very cold and the winds were strong that it burned my lungs to breathe as I hiked down to the falls. Since I had a cold, I just couldn’t make it all the way down, which was very disappointing.  In this picture the falls don’t seem that large, but let me tell you, even from half way down and with my telephoto lens, the roar was loud.   The falls were so vast and the water traveled far down stream and out of sight.

After time at the falls we headed to an area where there were geysers (geysirs).  Unlike Old Faithful in Yellowstone, you had to wait with uncertainty when it might spout.  The only other geysers I’ve seen were in Rotorua, New Zealand.  There are signs posting along the path here stating that the water is 212 degrees Fahreneit!  When it shot up those people you see took off running and screaming as they were standing too close.

Iceland is a land of so much natural beauty and scenic diversity.  The people were friendly and helpful. Another must see destination, especially  if you want to go somewhere less populated.

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