Retirement: It’s Official!

Dan is officially retired! The business is sold. So why doesn’t it feel any different? That’s because he’s STILL working!! Despite the retirement party with family (He wanted no part of a big party), apparently there are still projects, loose ends, etc. he wants to see through. Hmmmm. Those of you who know Dan are simply chuckling. Of course he retired, his body just hasn’t caught up with his head decision to retire! Got a love a man with a great work ethic!

Seriously, after finishing up a few loose ends he is free to take on whatever he likes at whatever pace he likes. Lots of time for golf, hiking, volunteering, time with grand kids, travel, home improvement projects, and hopefully a few personally crafted blog entries. I know he wants to dabble in selling a bit of real estate, but mostly Ifullsizerender2 think he wants the ability to decide if it would be a good day to go play golf!

Congratulations Dan! Let’s see what new adventures 2017 has for you.  Your family loves you bunches. Happy New Year and Happy Retirement!

Santa’s Helper

When you are retired you supposedly have lots of extra time and are free to volunteer to help those who could use an extra hand.img_6772 Dan had a few moments to help Santa’s elves assemble a little glider bike for C. And he thought the days of putting wagons, scooters, hot wheels, and bikes were long past. The good news is, Dan doesn’t need to look at directions any longer. Grandma’s job: put a bow on the handlebars. What a team!