Torshavn, Faroe Islands

The 22 Faroe Islands are located between Norway and Iceland and while independently ruled, they are a part of Denmark.  The archipelago islands are a series of jagged mountain peeks and fjords.  Our first stop was in the capital city of Torshavn.  Today the people speak Faroese.  The earliest inhabitants were Irish Monks, but were overtaken by the Vikings.

Most of the men fish for a living.  Many of the homes were  painted black because it is the easiest color for them to get.  The black is derived from tar.  Here too, many homes have grass thatched roofs.  The green tin roofs you see in the picture is preferred if thatching is not available.  I just don’t think I’d like to sit down to dinner and hear hooves on the roof from sheep eating.  Does dirt fall in? How about bugs? Ick!               

Rushing water in front of the local church.

We also stopped by a workshop of a woodcutter who made lamp shades out of finely cut pieces of wood. It was an interesting process, but honestly I cannot imagine life there. It seems so solitary, cold, and dreary. A final interesting fact is that there are few trees of any real height. Why? The sheep eat them. They wander all over the place. Some are known to have GoPro’s on them!

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