ROME – Day 4 Part 2

Our last stop in Rome was to visit the Colosseum where the Roman’s held gladiator battles. The huge structure is right in the center of Rome and remains a tribute to the powerful early Roman Empire. It was hard to believe that this building could have been constructed so long ago! We were awed by the magnitude and architectural complexities of this site. Once inside the Colosseum, you could see all the varied levels, seats, etc. After going through this site, it was time for lunch and then our little foursome headed back to the hotel to rest and prepare for an evening in Rome where the real Italians go-Trastavere.colosseum

As the sun set we slipped on a clean set of clothes, comfy walking shoes, and headed out to go where the locals went! Our tour guide gave us great directions and we were most grateful. Such a fun evening walking through winding cobblestone streets, open air cafe’s and people out walking. The rest of the tour group went to do things we had done before the actual tour started, so we decided to explore some more on our own.This was a perfect evening to dine with our friends and find places off the touristy paths.

We found a ristorante where tables were spilling out onto the street. The place was packed with diners and smelled so good. Very relaxed setting! So, why not ask how long for a table to open up? Crazy us! “No problem,” the fellow said. He shoved two large planter boxes out-of-the-way, grabbed a slatted folding table, set it up and put 4 chairs out for us! Perfecto! An hour later, with pasta in our bellies we left. The long walk toward the hotel made room for, you guessed it, gelato! A mere 18, 202 steps this day. Keep reading, we’re just getting started with this trip!

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