The Bus

busNow about the bus! A bus tour is very different from cruising. First of all, everything is time managed. Bags out your room door by 6:45, breakfast done and on you’re on the bus by 7:45. Then there are things to remember like, “Where do I sit today?” based upon the daily seat rotation chart. Then you ask yourself, “Should I take the steep steps at the back of the bus to get to my seat quickly,” or “take the easy steps up front and then push my way through to my seat?” Keep in mind you have your backpack with you, a camera, and the ladies have purses! Very touristy. A sense of humor is required and perhaps more than one cup of coffee!

The bus is ultra comfortable. All the creature comforts you can think of are on board: restroom, seat trays, armrests, wide seats, seat belts, leg rests, and nice wide clean windows. You could easily fold up a pillow or sweatshirt and take a nap if it was to be a long day of driving. Most of us on the bus were over fifty and a few pushing eighty! We napped! Our thirty-something guide would use his soft, Italian voice over the microphone to say “Wakey, wakey,” when it was time to gather our “stuff” for either a comfort stop (pee-pee break) or time to see our next site.

All 48 of us were pretty good about scooting off the bus pretty quickly…especially for those “comfort stops!” This scenario repeated itself every two days. When you travel via bus, the hotel bed covers are not turned down with chocolates left on the pillow! Definitely not the comforts of cruising!

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