Amalfi Coast – More Day 5


The drive to the Amalfi Coast took us into the region known as Sorrento. Refreshed from the bus nap, we were ready to begin our view along the Amalfi Coast. It was spectacular! Our pictures really couldn’t do justice to the sight we were seeing. The sky was clear now and we got our first good look at Mt. Vesuvius. The narrow two lane road hugged the seadsc00578side cliffs


with shear drop-offs. Scary when you consider we were doing it in a HUGE touring bus! Makes you wonder what those tiny Fiats thought as we came looming around the curves! Our late afternoon arrival gave us time to walk along the seashore, looking for sea glass and interesting rocks.


Sorrento is famous for its intricate use of wood inlay products. We visited one of the few factories still in existence in Italy and saw how the thinest  pieces of wood are cut in a pattern and then set into a larger piece of wood. Very few woodworkers still produce products today with such delicate designs. After seeing how the process worked, we went into the showroom to see pieces ranging from formal dining tables and chairs that a seated 12 to small music boxes and coasters. I noted the design of a particular music box and I was sure it matched one I inherited from my Aunt. Sure enough it was a piece she had picked up when she was there years ago! It has even more meaning now. As the day was ending we enjoyed strolling along the coastline of Sorrento, before walking back to the hotel for a late buffet dinner.

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