Card Making 101

Sending cards seems like a lost art these days. We send texts, tweets, and emails wishing our friends Happy Birthday or Get Well wishes. Call me old fashioned, but I like getting cards in the mail! I like sending them too.

Making cards is a relaxing and creative outlet in of itself; but designing something unique for a friend or family member is very satisfying. Over the years I’ve collected printed papers, ink pads, stamps, little embellishments, ribbons etc. Today I have half a closet filled with little drawers of things to create my special cards. I am always needing to clean out and simplify my stash of materials, but it seems to be growing at an alarming rate..

I do love using my Big Shot embossing machine. This simple machine makes some truly beautiful cards by raising paper designs that I use on the cards. It also allows me to use little metal die cuts to create amazing detailed figures. This little bear is sending birthday wishes to a dear friend who happens to like bears. He is nestled within several layers of paper to give added dimension.



The Get Well cards at the right were made on a dotted Swiss embossed background (by Sizzix), and then I used a die cut and stamp to create the ice cream design (by Fawn Lawn). I colored the stamped pieces using Copic markers which blend very nicely. I also layered the actual card with several colors of paper, which adds depth to the final product. Add a little ribbon and there you have it!

I really love making holiday cards, too. I hope to show you some in the future. I just need to take time to take the photographs and then I can tell you step by step how you can create beautiful art.

Being retired gives me a lot more time to make cards. Frankly, I don’t know how I ever had time to work!

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