A Green Thumb

dsc00892I’ve heard retirement is a good time to take up gardening. Supposedly you have time to try nurturing the hobby. So, I asked myself, “Do I have a green thumb”? “Can I grow just about anything”? “Do I enjoy gardening, tending the soil, fertilizing the land etc”? I answered, “No”!  I do however, enjoy looking a beautiful plants that will grow despite my efforts. Thankfully, plumeria and Christmas cactus will grow with absolutely nothing other than the occasional sprinkling.

As I was walking by the bay the other day, I came across a most unusual sight. Growing up inside of a street handicapped sign was a giant weed or grass. Look what sprouted out of the top! Now I couldn’t make that grow if I tried!  That sign had to be 10 feet high! Maybe there is something to not needing a green thumb to be a successful grower…Perhaps I will be encouraged to plant this spring. Keep you posted.

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