New Grandbaby!

img_5021Nothing like a new granddaughter to make you feel so blessed! Isn’t she gorgeous? She was born this Fall to our oldest son and his wife. Because this is a public blog, the baby is known as ‘D’ and her older sister is referred to as ‘C’. Big sis explained that her little sister is “very soft!” I kimg_5020now Grandma wishes her skin was as soft as little D’s!

She is now smiling and making all sorts of soundsimg_6692, bubbles, and giggles. She is very expressive and cuddly. It’s amazing to see how they resemble their parents and even our parents. Genetics is an amazing thing! How can a baby girl look so much like her father when she laughs, and then look like her mamma when she curious about her surroundings? I love to hold her and have the chance to babysit. My hope is to be able to watch her more (like I did her big sister), when mommy goes back to work. Being a grandparent and being retired is just awesome! The bond with our grandchildren is so special. I didn’t realize there was a Grandma Club, but now that I am a member, I get it, and thrilled to be a part of it. I hope there are many more babies to come.

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