ROME Day 3

Castle of St. Angelo

The Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain

We got up nice and early and headed back toward the Vatican Square and then passed the Castle of St. Angelo, which runs along the Tiber River. This castle was originally built as a home for the Pope if he needed to escape from the Vatican during times of upheaval or threat. Located in the lower level is the tomb of Emperor Hadrian.

Spanish Steps

We kept walking until we arrived at The Spanish Steps. IMPRESSIVE! This magnificent structure was built in the 1700’s to house the Spanish embassy to the Vatican. It is a tourist attraction today as the embassy is located elsewhere. The view from the top of the 138 steps is breathtaking.

But let’s not stop there! We continued on our hike to Trevi Fountain. We have no fountains like this in the USA. It is massive in size and made of gleaming marble carved with mythical sea creatures, fish, and ornate spouts. It is said if you toss a coin over your shoulder into the fountain you are sure to return to Rome. Keep reading, our adventure is just getting started!




Trevi Fountain

This was another LONG day of walking (1 7,774 steps). We found a great little street-side ristorante to eat a meal and head for a gelateria on our way home. So far our favorite gelato is  vanilla and dark cherry in a cone – not a cup!

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